Skylights2Go.com makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition We work with reliable and reputable shipping partners, but shipping damage do occasionally occur. If a claim arises, we work with our customers to satisfy all parties.

Quick Checklist:

– Inspect package immediately
– If visually damaged, refuse the package and call Skylights2Go.com promptly
– After opening your package, if you discover damage to the product, contact Skylights2Go.com within 48 hours
– Always save the product and all original packaging

Full Policy

If possible, inspect all packages immediately by opening any boxes and inspecting their contents, before signing for the delivery. Do not assume the items are undamaged because the packaging is undamaged. Do not sign for or accept delivery of any packages that are visibly damaged without first inspecting their contents. If the delivery driver refuses to allow you to inspect the merchandise, ask him or her to wait while you contact their customer service department. If merchandise appears to be damaged, refuse delivery of the item and notify our customer service department immediately by phone by email at support@Skylights2Go.com.

If you discover damage that was concealed by the packaging after signing delivery ticket, do not throw away the packing materials or cartons or there will be no basis for a claim. Concealed damage is damage that occurred either at the factory or during shipment that is not obvious without removing the packaging. If you discover concealed damage, stop unwrapping or un-packaging the shipment, take photos and contact Skylights2Go.com immediately.

For shipments received through United Parcel Service or Federal Express:
If you discover damage to an item after acceptance of the delivery you must contact Skylights2Go.com within 48 hours after acceptance in order to initiate a claim for damage responsibility. If you contact Skylights2Go.com within 48 hours, we will file a claim with the shipping company and we will be responsible for handling the claim for damage. We will ship you out new product and give you a credit for the damaged item once we either get that damaged item back or it is inspected by the carrier. If you do not contact us within 48 hours of receiving a damaged item, we cannot file the shipping claim. In that case, we will do our best to help you with your claim, but you will be responsible for filing the claim with the shipping company. You must retain the original packaging box, packing materials and damaged item for the freight carrier to pick up to verify the damage. Photographs that record the date can expedite the process, but you should still save the damaged product and the original box the product was shipped in so that the delivery service can examine the actual items.

For shipments received via common carrier (freight-line truck):
If you discover damage to an item after acceptance of the delivery you must contact both Skylights2Go.com and the freight company within 48 hours after delivery acceptance in order for us to be able to help you with the claim. If you signed for the delivery without marking it “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” or “DAMAGED”, then any shipping damage will be your responsibility. If you designate “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” or “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery, you must inspected your merchandise right away and report the damage within 48 hours to both Skylights2Go.com and the freight company. At that point, Skylights2Go.com will accept for filing a claim against the freight company. Resolving claims against carriers can require up to 90 days. Your credit for the damaged item may be delayed while the claim is resolved and we may require your assistance as we pursue the claim for damage.