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Manual Venting Curb Mount Skylight with Laminated LowE3 Glass (Fits Outside Curb: 33-1/2 in. x 49-1/2 in.)

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    VELUX VCM operable “Fresh Air” Skylights can be opened to create a chimney effect that draws air upward to improve air circulation and air quality within your home. They can be installed on a flat roof at 0° up to a 60° roof pitch on a site-built curb. Bringing natural light into a home through a skylight decreases the need for artificial light while maintaining privacy. Installing a skylight is one of the most impactful ways to enhance the brightness and beauty of a room.

    Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight (VCM) - Curb Mounted

    VCM Size Code 3046
    Inside curb (W"xH") 3012 x 4612
    Outside curb (W"xH") 3312 x 4912
    Maximum skylight clearance (W"xH") 3458 x 5058